Current Projects

Mapping Brain Injuries: SLU Researchers Receive $5.3 Million Grant from Department of Defense

With a $5.3 million grant from the Department of Defense, researchers at Saint Louis University have completed a study that aims to develop more sensitive indicators of brain injuries for combat veterans and civilians. By using advanced imaging technology to create better maps of the injured brain, we hope to develop therapies that target areas of the brain that retain function but lack the ability to communicate with the rest of the body.

In this study, we examined over 200 participants, including veterans and civilians with brain injuries, as well as a group of neurologically intact controls. The study participants underwent three types of imaging tests, as well as a neurocognitive testing. The data, which is still being analyzed, will help create a more complete picture of how one's brain functions following traumatic brain injury. All neurocognitive testing for the study was conducted in the Neuropsychology Lab in the Department of Psychology.